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How to remove the wallpaper

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 - Uncategorized

How to remove the wallpaper

11 step how to remove wallpaper

Many ways to make the home atmosphere more comfortable. Give an interior touch to one of them.

Then what if we experience boredom and want a change, for example we want to replace an existing wallpaper?

how to remove wallpaper

Remove Wallpaper

There are many reasons for us to change the appearance of the interior of the house, for example being sold or bored with the current one.

Maybe there are still many of us who are still confused about how to remove the wallpaper without damaging the walls of the house, so on this occasion I will give a little tips on how to remove the wallpaper

  1. Use a clothes steamer or rent a professional steamer
  2. Soak a large section of the wall
  3. Run a “Paper Tiger” scoring tool across the damp section
  4. Steam the section again
  5. Spray the section with fabric softener and hot water
  6. Score the section with the paper tiger again
  7. Steam again
  8. Remove any curling edges (sometimes large areas peel off)
  9. Scrape with a six inch sheetrock blade
  10. Repeat the above steps on the section until most scrapes off easily
  11. Scrub with hot water, TSP, and a sponge with a scratchy surface

Cautions: Use the Paper Tiger gingerly so you don’t scratch or gouge the walls. Use gloves with the harsh chemical TSP.

Don’t live with ugly wallpaper any longer!

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  • 11 step how to remove wallpaper
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